“I feel so lucky that I came across Marisa to help me feel beautiful and radiant on my wedding day! She is such a talented makeup artist, her facials are amazing and she was so helpful, supportive and present throughout the whole process. She even offered to go shopping with me to find the perfect lipstick! She has such a sweet personality and she’s just fun to be around! Marisa is simply the best!”

Annie Mullins Bridal Client


“Marisa is a wonderful makeup artist and I love working with her on my photoshoots. She is so friendly and also is a calm presence for my clients – plus her work is lovely!”

Melissa Mullins Portrait Photographer


“I’m so glad I was introduced to Marisa! I have had clear skin all my life…Until I turned 30 and there it was, acne. Mostly concentrated on my cheeks. I live a very healthy life style, my diet is on point, I hydrate and exercise. I was so confused…I tried so many remedies both natural and chemical. Everything seemed to do made it worse. Proactive, homeopathic, Pinterest (lemon, honey, cinnamon,┬ácoconut oil cleansing…that was a really bad idea, trust me).

By the time Marisa got her hands on me my skin was a wreak and I was getting married in six months! I was always so put off by the idea of getting facials, the idea of putting harsh chemicals on my face makes me cringe. I love that Marisa puts an emphasis on natural skin care and makeup. So we started facials about every two weeks, she worked her magic and my skin immediately started to improve. By the time my wedding came It was mostly clear. I was so relieved! She also did my makeup for my wedding, which was super soft and natural. Again, I’m so happy that I found her. She was able to pinpoint what my skin needed, and recommended some amazing natural products that I still use the today. . . And she’s absolutely lovely!”

Gina Marie Medlock Facial and Bridal Client